5 Things In 15 Minutes: Bringing Good Vibes to DEI

5 Things in 15 Minutes / Comparisonitis

Episode Summary

Simone Sloan, Rph, MBA, Executive Coach, and DEI Consultant, and I recap the latest 5 Things (good vibes in DEI) in just 15 minutes. This week our conversation is about CVS paying the 'pink tax', Yelp championing inclusive culture, and more!

Episode Notes

This week, I spent three days (and joyful evenings) with other thought leaders, each working to bring our new keynotes to life with the brilliant team at Heroic Public Speaking. I had a great week and did some fantastic work, but I started to feel a little down on myself once I left. I didn’t feel like writing this morning. Spending three days with other thought leaders can trigger comparisonitis (comparison syndrome). They have how many LinkedIn followers??!!

Any one of you could go to a conference of peers, or even read 5 Things and think, “That is such a cool thing that company X is doing…my company stinks and isn’t doing anything significant with DEI.” Or worse: ”They’re such a great leader…I stink compared to them…”

Comparisonitis. Comparison has been called the thief of joy – and it causes stagnation. I can’t fulfill my purpose to build a world where people feel safe to be authentically themselves if I let comparison drag me down. What I have to remind myself is that each step I take toward my vision matters.

Screw comparisonitis. There will always be those ahead of you and trust me, there will be many others just starting out. Each step you take towards more significant equity and inclusion matters – as an individual, and as an organization. Even simple things like intentionally connecting with people who are different from you, builds momentum that can be world-changing, and life-changing.

If you find yourself stuck because of comparisonitis or anything else, reply to this email. Seriously. I read every response and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Oh, and as much as I hate to admit it, external validation helps…so if you listen to the 5 Things in 15 Minutes podcast, will you do me a favor, rate, and review?

Here are the good vibes I found this week:

  1. Championing Authenticity and Equity: Inside and Outside of Yelp
  2. Walmart to Cover Fertility Treatments Under Insurance Plan
  3. How Employers Can Set Formerly Incarcerated Workers Up for Success
  4. The Who Says Gender-Affirming Care Is Essential to Transgender Health
  5. CVS Drops Prices on Its Tampons and Will Pay the ‘Pink Tax’


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